Membrane Proteins from Nanodiscs Platform

Although most of the membrane proteins can maintain stability and activity in the detergent, some membrane proteins that are sensitive to the detergent are not suitable for existence in the conditions of the detergent, which is characterized by inability to purify, poor stability and no activity. To this end, we have successfully built nanodisc technology platforms to solve this problem and have produced a variety of high-quality membrane protein products by this platforms. Currently, Alfa Chemistry has two different nanodisc platforms. One is a synthetic nanodisc platform based on polymers such as styrene maleic anhydride copolymer (SMA), which can extract membrane protein directly from the cell membrane, and the assembled membrane protein sample is very stable and has the natural conformation. The other is the MSP nanodisc platform based on membrane scaffold protein (MSP), which needs to extract the membrane protein from the cell membrane with detergent first, and then add phospholipid molecules and MSP to assemble the membrane protein into the nanodisc, thereby making the membrane protein maintain its biological activity and with a good water solubility.


The benefits of the synthetic nanodisc technology platform are as follows:

  • Can be accurately quantified.
  • Membrane proteins surrounded by SMA copolymers are more stable, which helps to further study.
  • Suitable for immunization / ELISA / SPR / BLI / cell experiment / CAR detection.

The benefits of the MSP nanodisc technology platform are as follows:

  • Membrane proteins are in approximate natural membrane environment retaining high biological activity.
  • Membrane proteins with high hydrophilicity.
  • Suitable for immunization / ELISA / SPR / BLI / cell experiment / CAR detection.

Meet Our Membrane Protein Products

Through continuous optimization and improvement, the R&D team of Alfa Chemistry has successfully explored the assembly process of synthetic nanodisc and MSP nanodisc for industrial scale-up production, and achieved a long-term stable membrane proteins supply by these technologies. At present, the membrane protein products that have been launched by these technology platforms include CD133, CD20, Claudin18.2, Claudin 6, Claudin 9, GPRC5D, CCR2, A2aR and many other popular targets.

Alfa Chemistry is the leading provider of membrane protein that has extensive experience in membrane protein production. In addition to providing the nanodisc based membrane protein products given in the above list, we can also provide membrane protein customized services to meet any of your research or production needs according to your requirements. In addition, the form or formulation of all our membrane protein products can be customized.

Our products and services are for research use only.