Membrane Proteins from Detergent Platform

The demand for membrane protein grows rapidly with the development of modern drug research, and traditional preparation methods of membrane protein can not meet the needs of modern drug research and development. In addition, the preparation of membrane proteins faces many challenges, including low expression, poor stability, low solubility and difficult purification of membrane proteins. Alfa Chemistry is dedicated to the development of membrane proteins. In order to produce high quality and high purity membrane protein products, we have successfully built a detergent technology platform based on insect cell expression technology and mammalian cell expression technology, which effectively improves the yield and purity of membrane protein. The principle of detergent technology platform is as follows: The transmembrane region of membrane proteins (especially transmembrane proteins) is highly hydrophobic, making membrane proteins is difficult to maintain the correct conformation in ordinary buffers. In addition, membrane proteins are very tightly bound to the cell membrane and difficult to dissolve in solution. Detergent is an amphiphilic molecule with both hydrophilic polar groups and hydrophobic non-polar groups in its structure, which can extract membrane proteins from the cell membrane, as well as can provide a hydrophobic environment for membrane proteins in solution, thereby maintaining the hydrophobic transmembrane structure of membrane proteins.


The advantages of the technology platform are as follows:

  • Can be accurately quantified
  • Membrane protein products with higher purity
  • Membrane protein products with complete and stable conformation
  • Suitable for immunization / ELISA / SPR / BLI

Meet Our Membrane Protein Products

At our detergent platform, Alfa Chemistry has screened some effective detergents from the commonly used detergents to extract the target membrane protein, which can dissolve and purify the membrane protein very well and help it form a natural and correct conformation in the solution. At present, the membrane protein products that have been launched by this technology platform include CD133, CD20, Claudin18.1, Claudin18.2, Claudin 4, Claudin 6, Claudin 9, GPRC5D, CXCR5, CCR5 and many other popular targets.

Alfa Chemistry is the leading provider of membrane protein that has extensive experience in membrane protein production. In addition to providing the detergent based membrane protein products given in the above list, we can also provide membrane protein customized services to meet any of your research or production needs according to your requirements. In addition, the form or formulation of all our membrane protein products can be customized.

Catalog Name Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-1 Human GPRC5D Protein, His & Flag Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-10 Human Claudin-18.1 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-11 Mouse Claudin-18.2 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-12 Human / Cynomolgus Claudin-18.2 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-13 Human Claudin-4 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-14 Human Claudin-6 / CLDN6 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-15 Human Claudin-9 / CLDN9 Protein, His & Twin-Strep Tag (Detergent) (SPR verified) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-16 Human CXCR3 Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-17 Human GLP1R Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-18 Human GPRC5B Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-19 Cynomolgus GPRC5D Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) (SPR verified) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-2 Human ADORA2A Protein, His Tag (Detergent, Inhibitor added) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-20 Human SLC1A2 Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-21 Human STEAP1 Full Length Protein, His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-3 Human CCR5 Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-4 Human CD133 Protein, His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-5 Human CD20 / MS4A1 Full Length Protein, Flag & His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-6 Human CD20 / MS4A1 Full Length Protein, His Tag (Detergent) (SPR verified) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-7 Cynomolgus CD20 / MS4A1 Full Length Protein, His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry
DGS-MPDP-8 Canine CD20 / MS4A1 Full Length Protein, His Tag (Detergent) Inquiry

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