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Background, Development & Applications

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Continuous learning is the only way of scientific research. Discover more information about detergents and membrane protein with us that might be relevant for your project.

Advances in Detergent Research

The limited structural miscellany of conventional detergents is in stark contrast with the far-reaching diversity of membrane proteins. The development of some novel detergents that may be employed to study a wider array of membrane proteins been developed rapidly.

Detergents Removal

Excess detergent may bring trouble to protein researchers, as excess detergent may not be desired to exist in the downstream applications. Removal of excessive or unwanted detergent is an essential step in protein research.

Factors Affecting Detergents Properties

Understanding the external factors and internal factors affecting the properties of detergents will not only help you to use detergents more rationally in the subsequent work, but also provides theoretical basis and lays a foundation for your design and synthesis of novel detergents.

Additional Applications of Detergents

Detergents play a huge role in membrane proteins research. Additional detergents applications include DNA and RNA extraction, lipid raft extraction, prevention of non-specific binding in immunoassays, inclusion body solubilization and virus inactivation.

Introduction to Membrane Proteins

Membrane proteins are not only an important component of biological membranes, but also the main undertaker of biological membranes function, which have various functions, including nutrient uptake, energy generation, cellular signaling, ion transport, drug resistance, ect.

Membrane Proteins Applications

Mutations and misfolding of membrane proteins have been associated with many known diseases. Thus, membrane proteins have been widely used in drug discovery in the field of medicine.