Professional Services

Alfa Chemistry is a comprehensive company dedicated to detergents products, technologies and services. After decades of research, Alfa Chemistry can formulate the most suitable and reliable solutions for customers, in a efficient and fast manner. Our unsurpassed customer services mainly include detergent service and membrane protein service, all services with the hope of make a researcher’s lab time simpler and more affordable.Today, we have gained a global reputation by assisting numerous customers with outstanding customer assistance. We believe that our professional services can escort your project research and deliver significant economic benefits to your company. To learn more about our professional services, please click the following link.

Detergent Characterization

Alfa Chemistry provides the structural characterization and physicochemical pproperties characterization service for all kinds of detergents. Our scientific team is experienced in tailoring solutions and plans according to specific customer needs.

Detergent Selection

Choosing a suitable detergent is vital to the studies of membrane proteins. However, it is still a difficult job that takes a lot of time and effort. Alfa Chemistry is an expert in detergents and we can quickly and accurately screen out the most suitable detergent for your research.

Detergents Design

Alfa Chemistry can assist in designing and synthesizing new detergents, including anionic detergents, cationic detergents, non-ionic detergents, zwitterionic detergents, deuterated detergents, specialty detergents and others. Our scientific team is experienced in tailoring solutions and plans according to your needs.

Custom Services

Alfa Chemistry is committed to the research and discovery of detergents. We provide custom synthesis, custom packaging, custom specifications, custom kits and custom documentation services to meet your specific research and development requirements.