Membrane Proteins from VLP Platform

VLP, short for virus like particle, is a nano-sized particle (about 100-300 nm in diameter) formed by the self-assembly of the virus capsid protein. Its structure is similar to that of real viruses, but it does not contain viral genes, so it has high biosecurity. VLP was initially used to analyze the structure of viruses at the atomic level, and subsequent studies have found that it can display the membrane protein with complete natural conformation on the its surface. Specifically, VLP can carry away the cell membrane containing the target protein through the way of “budding”, so as to obtain a soluble form of membrane proteins (as shown in Fig.1). The technique not only preserves the complete structure of the membrane protein, but also simulates the position and conformation of membrane protein on the cell membrane.

Fig. 1. The process of displaying membrane proteins by VLP.Fig. 1. The process of displaying membrane proteins by VLP.


The technology platform owns following advantages:

  • Full-length transmembrane proteins
  • Higher abundance than that of overexpressing cells
  • Suitable for immunization / ELISA / SPR / BLI /cell experiment / CAR detection
  • Membrane proteins with complete natural conformation
  • Higher immunogenicity

Meet Our Membrane Protein Products

Alfa Chemistry has successfully built a VLP technology platform based on the HEK293 expression system, which can directly aggregate the target membrane protein with complete conformation on the surface of the VLP, thereby obtaining a soluble, high-concentration, correctly folded complete multiple transmembrane protein to facilitate drug development. With this technology, Alfa Chemistry has successfully broken through the technical barriers of difficult preparation and low solubility of membrane protein. At present, the membrane protein products that have been launched by the platform include CCR5, CCR8, CD133, CD20, Claudin18.1, Claudin18.2, Claudin 4, Claudin 6, CXCR3, CXCR4, GPRC5D, SSTR2 and many other popular targets.

Alfa Chemistry is the leading provider of membrane protein that has extensive experience in membrane protein production. In addition to providing the VLP based membrane protein products given in the above list, we can also provide membrane protein customized services to meet any of your research or production needs according to your requirements. In addition, the form or formulation of all our membrane protein products can be customized.

Our products and services are for research use only.